Chamber of Digital Commerce

As a founding participant of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, Blakes is part of the world’s largest trade association representing the digital asset and currency industries—giving us an opportunity to hear from the leading international innovators, operators and investors. Also, as Chair of the Chamber’s Lawyers’ Committee in Canada, we are in a unique position to lead the legal conversation on digital assets across the country.

Law Made

Blakes has partnered with legal innovation experts, Law Made, to begin a worldwide search for the next great idea for the practice of business law. The Global Legal Innovation Challenge is looking to top legal innovators around the world for a solution that can deliver clarity from complexity for our clients. Find out more by visiting our Global Legal Innovation Challenge page.

Cookhouse Lab

Blakes is an active participant in Cookhouse Lab, a collaborative space for innovative thinkers in the insurance sector, involving participation from insurance and reinsurance experts, financial services professionals, entrepreneurs and academics from around the globe with a common goal of developing technology solutions for the sector.

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